Things You Can Do To Have Great Morning

I know getting up in the morning is the hardest part of our day especially if you are not a morning person.  How many times do you press that snooze button before you get up each morning, putting off just to get that extra sleep before getting out of bed and starting your day a little late?

Even I am guilty to this, I like having a little time in my bed before emerging and then rushing. Ignoring your hungry stomach, contemplating if you should just skip showering, or just soaking your hair with a little sprinkle of water, and hopefully that no one will notice that you just pull your shirt off the laundry basket and didn't have time to iron it.

We can love the morning or hate it, but the truth is we have to get up and start our day fresh. Non of those feeling tire attitude, grumpy, stresses, and rushing. Because that really affects how our day goes.  So here some tips that we all can apply to our Morning .

Relax it's Thursday - Smile-

I know you might think that Monday is the worst or should I say most stressful day of the week.  But back when I was working at one of the company.  I have noticed that it seems to be Thursday is when everybody get very stressful, aggravated and a lot of mumbling and whispering words.   Everyone are ready to get out and ready for weekends.

10 Words To Say To Your Husband Daily

I know sometimes our husband can be difficult sometimes but does apply to us as well. But they never stop telling us how important we are in their life.  When I first meet my husband, I knew he is the one for me. Although I have been through bad marriage but I never let that stop me from finding the right one for me.  As a couple it's normal to have misunderstanding but it's all up to you and your husband to reconcile and solve it quick before it get worst.

6 Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

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A lot of you is probably drinking apple cider vinegar already. And like it or maybe hated it, but there I wanted to share few things to you all on what our body benefits from drinking apple cider vinegar everyday.  I have been drinking apple cider vinegar for over a month now and I must say I love it and I feel good taking it.  I have notice that I am more energetic and active, I don't get tired as much as I used too.

Today I wanted to share you these 6 Benefits by drinking apple cider vinegar.  So let's get started.

1.  High in acetic acid, which has potent biological effects

Apple Cider Vinegar is made in two-step process. The first step is exposing crushed apples to yeast, which further ferment the sugars from the apples and turns it into alchohol. The second step is they add bacteria to the alcohol solution, which further ferment the alcohol and then turn it into acetic acid.  Which is the main active compound in the vinegar 

I have read the in French the word "vinegar" is actually mean "sour wine".  Which make since you know because the vinegar is pretty sour. As you all know there are Organic Vinegar out there that is unfiltered they containts "mother", strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria that give the product the cloudy looking.  They said if the apple cider vinegar have a lot of "mother" or have "mother" in it, it says that it's better for you.  Plus the apple cider vinegar also contains 3 calories per tablespoon.  

2. Can kill many types of bacteria

My grandparents always told us that the vinegar is good for you,  But never really understood until I was older and did some reading about it. Vinegar kills bacteria and/or prevents them from multiplying. 

3.  It lowers blood sugar levels and fights diabetes.
4. It helps you loss weight.
5. Lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease .
6. May also have protective effects against cancer.

I know the smells of vinegar is strong but if it benefits us, we should all try drinking it everyday.
Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if have tried apple cider vinegar. What you think about it?

10 Basic Phrases Tagalog Words to Know

Although my language is not Tagalog but I try to teach my kids this language because it's easy to use as well.  I speak Bisaya which is totally different than Tagalog, which I am gonna be making post later on.

Here are the common phrases that is use all the time.

Magandang araw = Beautiful Day.
This is equivalent  to saying Good Morning, or even use it in the early afternoon as well.

Mahal Kita = I love you.
 This is a very common way of saying "I love you" in the Philippines. This phrase to anyone either it's your wife, husband, family members or friends.

Sarap Nito = This is delicious
You use this phrase when you are praising a nice cook meal or even just expression when you say something online or in person that is very appetizing. 

Maligayan Bati = Happy Wish
This is how we would say Happy Birthday .

Ayaw Ko - I don't want / I don't like / I don't want to.
You use this when someone is giving you something or inviting you to go somewhere and you don't want to go.  You simply use this phrase when somebody is asking you to do a favor for them you don't want to do it.

Gusto ko to = I like this
If you see something that you like you use this phrase,  "Oh I like this "

Sandali lang - Just a moment (Wait a second / hold on)
Use this when someone is waiting for you or if you forgot something and you need to back to the house or store and you tell them you wait, 

Ingat ka = Be Careful
We use this when a visitor or company is leaving.

Aalis na ako = I'm leaving
Phrase use when they'd like to say bye

Pasensya ka na = My Apology
Used when you did something that inconvenience the other person.

Thank you for sticking with me, I hope that you enjoyed this learning process.